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Welcome to Laser Systems Europe, the publication for integrators and users of industrial laser systems for materials processing.

If you are an integrator or user of laser systems, this publication will help you make an informed choice when selecting a laser system to incorporate into your own products, from textile cutting to automotive production, from medical devices to printing machinery and beyond. We will help you choose which laser is best for your particular application, point you in the right direction for advice, and explore the process of laser integration, all by way of application-led editorial features and expert opinion from leading industry figures.

Laser Systems Europe is supported by the LIA, the international society for laser applications and safety. Its mission is to foster lasers, laser applications, and laser safety worldwide. Serving the industrial, medical, research and government communities, the LIA offers technical information and networking opportunities to laser users from around the globe.


If you are interested in advertising in Laser Systems Europe, either in print, on this website, or in its email newsletter Application Focus, please contact Jon Hunt on +44 (0)1223 221044. You can download our media pack in PDF format, as well as review a copy of our advertising terms and conditions. If you'd like a printed version of the media pack, contact the Laser Systems Europe team on +44 (0)1223 221044.


Laser Systems Europe is not an academic or research journal. We publish news, comment, feature articles, and product news, as well as white papers and webcasts. We do not publish research papers.

We assert copyright over all material that we publish (apart from the ‘Press Releases’ and ‘White Papers’ section of the website, see below).

Feature articles are, as a matter of general policy, written either in-house or by one of our regular freelance contributors, and we do not accept by-lined features from suppliers, PR companies and so on. This provides a modicum of assurance to our readers that there is at least a degree of independence from influence by advertisers in the editorial content. And we are certain that our readership values this independence.

Naturally, we do seek interviews with and information from individuals and companies that have specialist knowledge in the sector on which we can base our feature coverage. A list of proposed future editorial features is available in our advertise page. In addition, the editor regularly sends out an email a few weeks’ prior to editorial deadlines with more details of the features in an upcoming issue and how to get involved. If you would like to be included on the distribution of this email, or if you see an item on the list where you think you might be able to contribute a point of view to the writer, please contact the editor at editor.lasersystems@europascience.com. All such editorial contributions are free of any charge, but inclusion is at the discretion of the writer and the editor.

The Press Releases section of the website contains news and product press releases sent to us by companies and organisations in the field. These are published verbatim, without editing for style or content. Again, the inclusion of material submitted in this way is free of any charge. Although we do not edit the content of this section, inclusion is at the discretion of the editor. Press releases are considered to be free of copyright restrictions, and we do not assert copyright over material in this section.

Contributions to our press releases and news sections are welcomed. Information should be sent (by email only) to editor.lasersystems@europascience.com, and to no other address. Any images supplied are assumed to have no copyright restrictions and may be published without credit unless explicitly specified.

Analysis and Opinion is where we invite experts in the field (whether from a commercial company or a not-for-profit organisation) to contribute their opinions (hopefully controversial) as long as they can back them up by some analysis. It is a place where they can express themselves in their own words, but it is emphatically not a slot for marketing ‘puffs’ for a company or its products. Rather it is a place to address issues that are topical in the industry and of general interest where the writer has some original views. The author’s company or organisation does, of course, get acknowledgement. The higher the quality of, and the more impartial, the contribution, the greater credit redounds to the author and their organisation. All contributions are of course subject to the editor’s discretion and they will be edited to accord with our House Style.

Guidelines for those wishing to contribute to Laser Systems Europe can be found here along with information about our Editorial House Style. Briefly, our House Style may differ from your own. Spellings are British and not American English. We also adopt English typography. It is our style to place product or company names in lower case with an initial capital - so a product called THE BETTER MOUSETRAP will appear in our publications as The Better Mousetrap. The editor’s decision is final in all cases. We do not offer editorial material for client approval prior to publication.

The White Papers section of our website extends and complements our feature coverage. While our features tend to be ‘synoptic’ -- giving an over-view of a subject at a particular time -- the ‘White Papers’ section contains material that offers greater technical detail and complexity, albeit with a narrower focus on specific specialist areas. Contributions to this section are provided by companies and organisations in the field, and are written in their own words without editorial intervention. We charge a fee for including White Papers on our website.

Webcasts bring expert specialists together to present and discuss, in streaming audio format, topics that are of interest to the community that our publication serves. Because Laser Systems Europe has such a wide geographical reach, we do not consider it appropriate to broadcast these as live events – because whatever the timing, it will be inconvenient for a proportion of our audience. However, to preserve spontaneity as much as possible, we do record and produce them ‘as live’. Contributions to this section are organised in cooperation with companies and organisations in the field, and will often include their own in-house specialists. We charge a fee for including Webcasts on our website.



For editorial enquiries, please contact:

Matthew Dale

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All news and press releases should be sent to editor.lasersystems@europascience.com

For advertising enquiries, please contact:

Jon Hunt


+44 (0)1223 221049


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