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09 July 2018

Following his presentations at AKL and LASYS, Thibault Bautze, sales manager at Blackbird Robotersysteme, describes the benefits of using optical coherence tomography to assist remote welding applications

29 June 2018

The Lasers in Action forum during Lasys covered topics such as micromachining, cladding and welding, additive manufacturing, laser safety, beam shaping and ultrafast lasers.

19 June 2018

Matthew Dale reports from Lasys, the international trade fair for laser material processing

14 June 2018

Matthew Dale reports from the European Photonic Industry Consortium’s Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers, where it was explained how CO­2 lasers could be used to produce the next generation of computer processor

11 May 2018

Matthew Dale reports from the International Laser Technology Congress, AKL, where the potential for using additive manufacturing in series production was discussed

29 March 2018

This year's Lasys, the international trade fair for laser material processing, is set to attract around 200 exhibitors displaying laser systems, machines and processes when it takes place at Messe Stuttgart from 5-7 June

23 February 2018

Greg Blackman reports from a metal 3D printing panel discussion held at Photonics West in San Francisco, where the plea to the photonics community was for better in situ monitoring tools for laser machines

10 January 2018

Following the passing of Professor Bryan Tozer, a pioneer in laser safety and the founder of Lasermet, his son Paul Tozer looks back over his father's 50 years of working with lasers

18 July 2017

Matthew Dale reports from an additive manufacturing application panel at Laser World of Photonics, where high-end, multi-laser systems along with low-cost machines were both discussed

12 June 2017

The European Appolo project, which aims to establish connections within the industrial laser processing ecosystem, is drawing to a close. Gediminas Raciukaitis, head of the department for laser technologies at the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania, updates on the outcomes

12 June 2017

Dave MacLellan, executive director at AILU, writes about a UK strategy for laser material processing

28 February 2017

Jessica Rowbury reports from a Photonics West panel, where possible implications of Brexit and the Trump administration were debated


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Gemma Church investigates the explosion of cross-industry plastic welding techniques