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Five-laser metal AM solution released for large-scale 3D printing


The BLT-400 is suitable for mass production of industrial components. (Image: Bright Laser Technologies)

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has released a metal 3D solution for large-scale industrial part production, the BLT-400, which will offer metal AM printing.

Featuring a configuration of five lasers, the BLT-400 is suitable for mass production of industrial components, the firm says.

The solution increases efficiency and reduces factory operating costs, BLT says. For instance, fabricating a batch of 1004 steel plates for specific vehicle tires, which previously took 128.8 hours using dual lasers, now takes 52.5 hours with the 5-laser configuration, showcasing a 2.5-fold improvement in efficiency. This enables the annual production of over 110,000 pieces, the firm says. 

The BLT-A400 also features a powder recovery system, which enables secure transfer, recovery, sieving, and reuse of metal powders within an on-site test laboratory, alongside an automatic splicing calibration module. This feature reduces manual intervention, streamlining and expediting the calibration process by over 386%, according to BLT. The multi-laser splicing accuracy is maintained at 0.05mm through this system.

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