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IPG unveils new fibre laser for battery manufacturing

IPG Laser

IPG Photonics has expanded its range of dual-beam fibre lasers to include a new Adjustable Mode Beam (AMB) laser source capable of delivering a 3kW single-mode laser beam in the core.

An industry first, according to IPG, this increase in single-mode power offers exceptional speed and productivity improvements to deliver spatter-free battery welding speeds up to 2X faster than possible with lower core powers.

Battery manufacturers often prefer single-mode fibre lasers for precision welding applications due to their ability to focus their power into extremely small spot sizes on the part. IPG’s AMB dual-beam lasers utilise a secondary ring beam that works in tandem with the single-mode core to stabilise the weld pool, virtually eliminating weld defects such as spatter, cracking, and porosity. The lasers can be configured with a wide range of beam parameters to offer optimised performance in a variety of welding applications.

The new laser was unveiled at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan in September.

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