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Luxury goods specialist Seram partners with laser marking firm QiOVA

Qiova acquisition

QiOVA, a manufacturer of high-speed laser marking technology, has entered a partnership with Seram, a subsidiary of the Neyret group specialising in accessories and ornamentation for the luxury goods industry. 

Seram will use QiOVA‘s programmable multi-beam laser technology to produce functional and aesthetic markings on materials such as glass, metal (aluminium, zamak, brass, copper, etc.), ceramic, polymer, textile, wood and cardboard.

QiOVA’s technology wields femtosecond lasers to deliver high-contrast markings with exceptional precision and reproducibility.

In addition to adding decorational markings to its products, Seram will use the laser technology to produce QR codes for traceability purposes. These can also be used to integrate digital content into Seram’s products without disrupting the users’ experience.

Seram’s new laser capabilities pair well with the product tracking software offered by Sansara, a fellow subsidiary of Neyret. Neyret is therefore now able to offer a comprehensive laser/software package as a turnkey product marking/tracking solution.

The Seram-QiOVA merger addresses a number of modern issues, according to the partners:

  • New consumer expectations: CSR / Environment / Transparency / Story Telling / etc.
  • New brand aesthetics needs: Revamping / co-branding / Sensory
  • New uses for products: Millennials / NFT / Phygital / Second life
  • New requirements from the market and regulators: AGEC law / Anti-counterfeiting / DPP (Digital Product Passport)

Correction: This story previously incorrectly described the above merger as an acquisition. This has now been rectified.

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