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May technology roundup

3D printing

See the end of this article for some of the latest updates in the field of laser additive manufacturing (Image: Shutterstock/sspopov)

Laser Systems Europe examines some of the latest technologies for industrial laser systems users to hit the market this month

Featured cutting, laser and medical product: Aerotech

Laser micro-machining with the AGV5D in the fast lane

The 5-axis laser scanner from Aerotech is particularly suitable for the high-precision production of complex components in medical technology, microelec-tronics and the automotive industry. 

User-friendly functions simplify the integra-tion into a machine, a system or a subsystem. Almost all geometries can be produced with precisely defined cross sections. Find out more about the 5-axis laser scanner from Aerotech by visiting the company website.


Featured safety product: Lasermet

The ICS-9 certified dual-channel laser interlock controller

The ICS-9 can control laser interlocks, magnetic door locks, LED warning signs and shutters. It enables the laser by controlling the laser safety input. 

It has full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection to meet the latest safety standards to a much higher level than single channel systems. The ICS-9 is certified by TÜV SÜD. Find out more about theICS-9 certified dual-channel laser interlock controller by visiting the company website.


Featured optics product:  LBP Optics 

High-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors

With a unique range of standard and bespoke sizes, LBP Optics’ gold coated copper mirrors are ideally suited for infrared applications from 1-300 microns wavelength. These include high power laser cutting, dental, medical, gas sensing and THz imaging.

The mirrors are designed to be tough and durable, with excellent, consistent reflectivity in the infrared and visible. Find out more about high-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors at the LBP Optics website.


Other products for industrial laser systems users on the market now

Eplus 3D quad-laser printer

Metal 3D printer manufacturer Eplus3D has added a new model to its quad-laser series with the EP-M400. Tailored to both large and entry-level businesses, the new printer is designed for faster and more cost-effective industrial production. Available in a single, dual or quad-laser configuration, the EP-M400 has a standard build chamber of 405 x 405 x 450 mm (height incl. build plate). This, according to the firm, makes it well-suited to a wide variety of metal AM applications. 

Dyndrite, UPM Additive Solutions “smart” build plates

AM software firm Dyndrite has partnered with metal build plate supplier UPM Additive Solutions to develop “smart” build plates for laser metal 3D printing. The smart build plates will record key data about their lifecycle and history, helping reduce the risk of powder levelling issues, internal fatigue, and plate warpage that can lead to lost time and costly build failures.

Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) giant 3D printer

Scientists at Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) have developed a giant 3D printer capable of producing heavy steel parts in an effort to save resources in production. The printer is the product of the XXL3DDruck project, designed to test a resource-efficient way of manufacturing individual, large-scale components.

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