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Monport Laser announces new range of engraving machines


The new machines are set to be released in August 2023. (Image: Monport Laser)

Monport Laser has announced a range of new laser engraving machines designed to handle various materials.

The Monport GP Fibre Laser Series features an electric and manual double-lifting focus method, designed to improve laser focusing. The electric focus is suitable for beginners, the firm says, while the manual focus is the best for experienced users.

The machines in this series come in a one-piece design to save space and ensure portability, weigh 20-22kg and feature rounded leading corners, designed to prevent damage during transportation.

The firm’s product launch also includes new additions to the GP Series, as well as the GI Series colour engraving fibre machine. This machine includes the JPT MOPA fibre laser, which can cut up to 0.05mm with each pass, Monport says, achieving an accuracy of ±0.1 microns.

Monport’s machines come with 10 different test materials, ranging from metal rings to key chains and cards made from various metal materials.

The new machines are set to be released in August 2023.

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