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New partnership to develop metal 3D-printed prosthetics


Together with Tecmahe, an industrial solution provider in Argentina, the metal 3D printer manufacturer Eplus3D has announced a new partnership with Bioprotece and Fit3D, a manufacturer of implantable prostheses.

The collaboration will see Bioprotece and Fit3D acquire an EP-M260 metal 3D printer from Eplus3D, which will be used to develop custom-made prostheses with intricate structures. The machine will allow Bioprotece and Fit3D to offer faster turnaround times for tailored solutions, EPlus3D says. 

According to EPlus3D, the EP-M260 meets the stringent requirements of Bioprotece and Fit3D's super trabecular prosthesis structure in Argentina, which promotes osseointegration and bone regeneration. 

Equipped with dual lasers and the capability to operate continuously, the EP-M260 utilises gas flow management, an optimised filter system, and other technologies developed by Eplus3D for its metal additive manufacturing machines.

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