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Laser World of Photonics: Scanlab unveils new scan heads and system


Test rig integrating the intelliSCAN scan head and the Flexishaper beam shaper (Image: Scanlab)

Scanlab is currently showcasing its intelliSCAN IV series and SCANmotionControl software, designed to enhance laser process control, at Laser World of Photonics 2023 in Munich.

The scan heads of the new intelliSCAN IV series offer greater stability and a 20% increase in dynamics compared to previous models, the firm says, thanks to their reduced dimensions and integrated water cooling. The housing integrates water cooling channels, which ensure optimal temperature stability for the galvanometer scanners, beam inlet, and electronics.

Scanlab adds that the intelliSCAN IV can be integrated into a range of system concepts. The housing is dust- and water-protected, meeting the IP66 protection class, and includes an interlock connection for integration into a safety circuit. 

The new scan head generation is compatible with all RTC drive boards from Scanlab. Users can choose between the classic scanner control with a tracking error or the SCANahead control from the excelliSCAN series.

SCANmotionControl is a trajectory planning software designed for scan systems that accurately tracks dynamic-limited setpoints. Through the simultaneous adjustment of laser power and scan speed, SCANmotionControl offers superior process control and maximises throughput, the firm says. 

The software ensures the precise application of laser energy, maintaining the defined intensity at the desired location and time. Additionally, the inclusion of simulation and parameter optimisation significantly reduces process development time.

The new software can be integrated with both excelliSCAN and intelliSCAN IV systems. The combination of scan heads and software enables precise and highly dynamic movements that are synchronised with the laser, especially in demanding applications such as additive manufacturing.

Scanlab can be found at Laser World of Photonics in Hall A3, Booth 233.

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