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Trumpf to demonstrate AI weld monitoring solution at Laser Munich

AI process monitoring solution

Laser giant Trumpf will be demonstrating a new AI solution for industrial laser welding for the first time at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich this month.

The solution shows potential for a variety of welding applications, for example in electric vehicle manufacturing, where it can ramp up the speed of electric motor production, while also reducing rework and scrap.

The AI solution, dubbed EasyModel AI, will support the image processing of VisionLine Detect, Trumpf’s cutting and welding process monitoring system. It will enable VisionLine to more easily overcome interference caused by dirt, scratches, poor lighting conditions and highly reflective surfaces, which can hinder its ability to determine the position of a weld seam. 

Users will be required to train the AI before it can be used, however programming knowledge is not required to do this. The machine setter simply has to mark the relevant component areas in the corresponding image medium, which Trumpf claims is “as simple and intuitive as using the painting and drawing programs that everyone knows from smartphones or computers.”  The resultant AI model is then used in the AI filter of VisionLine Detect.

"In the future, we want to use AI to raise the overall system of lasers, optics, sensor technology and software to a new level of performance. We are therefore pushing ahead with the development of further AI solutions that will make laser processes in industry even more powerful and profitable," said Christian Schmitz, CEO Laser Technology Trumpf.

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