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Software rises to the challenge of complex e-mobility welds

OTF MotionSync

Blackbird Robotersysteme has developed new software for automated high-throughput 'on-the-fly' welding.

‘OTF MotionSync’ enables welding processes to be carried out precisely even while a scanning system is moving, or while components are being transported on a conveyor belt under a scanner. 

The software is designed to meet the extreme accuracy requirements of challenging welding applications, such as those of modern battery and hydrogen fuel cell production.

Demand and quantity are increasing rapidly in automotive manufacturing, with manufacturers of batteries, fuel cells, power electronics and other components looking for cost-efficient solutions that can increase throughput while meeting the highest quality standards. 

OTF MotionSync is designed to address this, determining the exact position of a scanner and component by reading in high-frequency position data from up to two channels. This data is processed during the laser process and compared with the welding geometry. The software can thus always guarantee precise welded joints. 

It can be used with conveyor systems with up to two linear axes, as well as 2D and 3D scanning systems offered by Blackbird's sister company Scanlab. 

Beta versions for industrial scale test installations are now available.

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