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Researchers at IFSW’s x-ray facility will study dynamic beam lasers to better understand the impact of laser beam shape, shape frequency, and shape sequencing on keyhole stability, weld quality, and microstructure. (Image: Civan Lasers)

Researchers study melt pool dynamics using high-speed x-ray diagnostics

The researchers will view inside the melt pool during laser welding to better understand the origin of defects such as pores, spatter, and cracking

Hydrogen fuel cells could provide a suitable alternative to plug-in electric HGVs, where the weight of the battery could prove to be an issue. (Image: Shutterstock/Audeo und werbung)

Dynamic beam control takes on fuel cell welding challenges

New laser technology could help make hydrogen-powered vehicles commercially viable, David Stuart finds

A Dynamic Beam Laser from Civan Lasers has been installed at Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden. The institute is thus the first research institution worldwide to utilize such a laser solution. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS)

Fraunhofer IWS to explore benefits of new dynamic beam shaping technology

The institute expects the technology to overcome the challenges of using crack-sensitive materials in additive manufacturing

Dynamic beam shaping can be applied to offer defect-free welding, cutting, drilling and additive manufacturing. (Image: Civan Lasers)

Dynamic beam shaping to optimise laser processing

Dynamic beam shaping enables controllable beam shape, frequency, and focus steering to provide defect-free processing outcomes








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