The Monaco femtosecond laser is a closed, one-box system that combines a 1,035nm, solid-state oscillator together with an amplifier to yield a 40µJ pulse energy at a repetition rate of 1MHz

Carbon monoxide lasers

A new generation of carbon monoxide (CO) lasers from Coherent offer enhanced processing characteristics for materials processing applications ranging from glass cutting and via drilling, to fractional skin resurfacing. This new class of high power CO lasers have similar lifetime, reliability and maintenance characteristics as the company’s slab discharge CO2 lasers.

Avia NX

Coherent have released the latest AVIA NX which sets a new standard for economy, reliability, and ease of use. Specifically, these new q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state lasers offer output powers as high as 40W at 355nm, but with a substantially lower cost per watt than any other available product.  Plus, AVIA NX models are much smaller, lighter, and more robust than other UV lasers of the same power level.


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