Fraunhofer IWS

POWDERscreen measures exactly which metals flow in what quantity into the focus of the laser beam. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS)

New device measures powder flow during laser cladding

The powder meter will improve the quality of the components produced and make the entire production process precisely repeatable

The Fraunhofer IWS researchers used a multi-adsorption system to investigate the adsorption behavior of competing gases to find suitable filter substances. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS)

Adaptable filtration system developed for laser processing

The technology could also be used for additive manufacturing in the future

A Dynamic Beam Laser from Civan Lasers has been installed at Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden. The institute is thus the first research institution worldwide to utilize such a laser solution. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS)

Fraunhofer IWS to explore benefits of new dynamic beam shaping technology

The institute expects the technology to overcome the challenges of using crack-sensitive materials in additive manufacturing

Direct laser interference patterning can create complex surface micro-structures to decrease ice accumulation on aircraft surfaces. (Image: Fraunhofer IWS).

Laser research projects to increase fuel efficiency of ships and aircraft

A number of ongoing European research projects are using laser technology to structure and clean the surfaces of ships and aircraft in order to improve their fuel efficiency








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