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LPKF partners with display manufacturer to optimise glass processing solution

LPKF Laser & Electronics has concluded a joint development agreement for a glass processing technology with a major global display enterprise.

The companies have agreed not to disclose details of the agreement.

The two firms seek to further optimise a specific solution enabling future display devices.

If the development is successfully completed, LPKF expects the technology to be widely used in various applications for the enterprise.

LPKF PowerWeld 2600

At the Medtec Europe show, LPKF will be showcasing the first system in a new machine generation, and a method for the production of sophisticated microfluidic components


A new transmission tester for inline and offline laser welding operations has been launched by LPKF. The LPKF TMG 3 transmission tester quickly determines the transmission properties of welding partners, ensuring that faults are detected earlier in the processing chain.

During transmission laser welding, the laser beam passes through the upper, laser-transmissive joining partner to pass its welding energy on to the underlying, laser-absorbing joining partner. A moderate joining pressure aids thermal transmission, and produces a clean and reliable weld seam.

PowerWeld 2000

LPKF is beginning to display its PowerWeld 2000. Depending on the model, this standalone system is used for small, medium, and large-scale serial production. With its various laser sources and handling options, the PowerWeld 2000 adapts to the specific production conditions of the customer.







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