TruLaser Cell 8030

Four years after the successful market launch of the first generation, TRUMPF is releasing the second generation of its TruLaser Cell 8030. The new machine’s principal field of application is laser-cutting hot-formed 3D designs and press-hardened components. Based on experience gained with the first generation, TRUMPF has made targeted improvements in decisive areas and significantly enhanced the machine’s performance.

UK’s first TruMatic 6000 Installed

Buckingham-based Stratford Tools, a specialist in the provision of subcontract precision sheet metalwork, has acquired the UK’s first TruMatic 6000 punch/laser combination machine from TRUMPF. The investment by this progressive manufacturing business has led to reduced lead-times and enhanced quality.

TruLaser Station 5005

Trumpf has released its five-axis TruLaser Station 5005, a machine for welding mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics. It is suitable for applications in medical and electrical sectors and throughout the precision engineering industry in general.

The machine has a small footprint of 800 x 900mm2, an upward-sliding door, and integrated dust collector. Depending on the application, it can be specified with the Trumpf disk, fibre, pulsed and diode laser with an output of up to 1kW.

TruMark 6350

Trumpf has introduced the TruMark 6350 laser marking system. Because it operates in the UV wavelength, it can be used in applications not covered by markers using infrared or green light

SeamLine Pro

Trumpf has developed the SeamLine Pro, a weld monitoring system that senses the seam welding point, the beam spot and the weld itself at the same time

TruMicro 2000

Trumpf has introduced the TruMicro Series 2000, to extend its TruMicro Series of short and ultra-short solid state lasers








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