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EPIC Online Technology Meeting: Growing Needs for Ultrafast, High Power Laser Applications

Applications of ultrafast, high-power lasers can be found in different fields, such as micromaterial processing and surface texturing. In this meeting, the needs of the system integrators towards the supply chain concerning new optics and mechanics for beam transport, laser sources and monitoring systems to obtain high-throughput will be presented and innovative applications fields of the technology will be discussed.

Lasers in Action 3

Once again, this webinar will feature topics concentrating on the application of lasers within industry. As with the other events, questions are welcome and the webinars will be available to view on-demand to all those who have signed up.

Lasers In Action Webinar #2

Discussion topics include cladding with diode lasers, CO2 lasers in the automotive industry, nano-structured anti-reflective surfaces, and software for designing beam-splitting optics.

BLM Group Open House

The BLM Group will soon be hosting the 2019 edition of INTUBE, the traditional biennial exhibition event, dedicated to metal tube and sheet processing technologies. 

From 30 September to 12 October, the factory in Levico Terme, Italy, will host the Open House of BLM GROUP. Our entire machine portfolio will be demonstrated while focusing on specific production capabilities that speak to the global manufacturing community: stand-alone, complete production lines, and industry 4.0.

Webinar: Opening up new possibilities with Oscillation Welding

The recent introduction on high power single mode fiber lasers has opened up the capabilities of oscillation welding to a point where it can be competitive with high power multimode welding. The greater control of weld profile and heat input can yield significant benefits in real world welding applications.

The webinar will cover:

Laser Applications in the Nuclear Industry

Over the past two decades, AILU has supported the adoption of industrial laser technology by a wide range of industry sectors. Laser cutting, welding, and surfacing systems are now common proven systems in industry; with organisations adopting laser technology because of its ability to perform automated, high quality and high throughput processes often in remote difficult to access high hazard locations.

Workshop on beam shaping, analysing & monitoring at Laser World of Photonics 2019

Lasers are the tool of choice for many demanding tasks in material processing. But how to create the optimum beam profile? How can the quality of the laser beam and the processing result be analyzed or even continuously monitored during the process? What technologies are available on the market and are they suitable for my requirements? And what experiences have other users already had?

Trumpf Open House

Power and productivity for the future

At whatever stage manufacturers may be in the process of sheet metalworking automation, Trumpf Open House will help them develop new ideas and the best solutions. Visitors will be able to speak with technology experts and see the latest generation machines, lasers and software in action to gain inspiration for their own production facility. 








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