EuroBLECH 2022: Show Preview

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25 October 2022 to 28 October 2022
Hanover, Germany

Following a four-year hiatus, the 26th edition of the international sheet metal processing technology exhibition, EuroBLECH, returns to its live format and biennial cycle on 25 - 28 October in Hanover, Germany.

The current exhibitor list –  ranging from innovative start-ups and SMEs to big internationals – stands at around 1,300 companies from 39 nations, covering a total net exhibition space of over 88,000 square metres across nine halls.

The ninth hall has been added this year to focus on joining technology, one of the significant growth markets in the e-mobility and general industrial sectors. 

This year’s top exhibiting countries are Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, China, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Poland and France.

The last iteration of the show attracted 56,300 international trade visitors, including buyers, design engineers, production and quality managers, researchers and other technical experts

As a vertical trade show, EuroBLECH covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain in the manufacturing of metal prototypes, industrial components and consumer parts. This includes machines, tools and IT solutions for cutting, punching and forming, joining, welding and fastening, surface treatment and finishing, process control and quality assurance, machine elements and components, CAD/CAM/CIM systems, warehouse and factory equipment, material recycling, and other solutions to process metal sheet, tubes, profiles, plastic hybrids and other structures. 

EuroBLECH 2018 – the last iteration of the show – attracted 56,300 international trade visitors, including buyers, design engineers, production and quality managers, researchers and other technical experts from all management levels and business types.

Five key laser themes expected at EuroBLECH 2022

Visitors come from all key industry sectors, including manufacturers of sheet metal parts, components and assemblies; ferrous and non-ferrous metal production and construction; automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding; mechanical engineering; building and construction; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; renewable energy construction; consumer electronics; telecommunication; precision, optics and medical equipment; food and packaging; and many more.

Visitors can expect an impressive amount of live machine demonstrations and technological world premieres. There will be plenty of opportunities to watch innovative machinery in action, allowing attendees to assess and discuss potential benefits for their own production process. 

Attendees can also look forward to the launch of the EuroBLECH 2022 Presentation Area, located at booth 26-L60. This new show feature delivers around 20 sessions throughout the four exhibition days, offering exciting insight into innovative companies and projects. Attendance is free of charge to all registered exhibitors and visitors.

Focus on digitalisation

According to show organiser Mack-Brooks Exhibitions, for 2022, tech budgets are expected to rise as companies begin to revive their plans to invest in emerging technology for a future-proof business. 

“There is a substantial need for manufacturers to align themselves to the complex and fluctuating demands of modern markets” explains Evelyn Warwick, Event Director of EuroBLECH. “Many of our visitors will therefore be looking for automated, digital and scalable solutions to facilitate the cost-efficient and sustainable production of industrial components and consumer parts.”

This expected demand for digital technologies is thus reflected in EuroBLECH 2022’s motto, “Your gateway to a smarter future” – with the show focusing particularly on intelligent solutions and the ongoing automation and digitalisation of the manufacturing chain to enable an increase in output and efficiency.

Exhibitor preview

While a summary list of exhibitors and technologies expected at the show can be found here, below we delve further into some of the key technologies to be exhibited by exhibitors from the field of industrial laser materials processing. 

Want to be included? Send a 150-word preview of the technology your company will be showcasing, a long with your booth number, website and a high-resolution image, to:



Booth 11-G101

Alma will present all its software applications for 2D/3D cutting, sheet metal working and robotics, integrated in the new-generation Almacam suite:

  • Nesting and CAM for 2D cutting (laser, plasma, oxycutting, waterjet), punching-nibbling and routing (Almacam Cut/Punch/Routing and the web application Nest&Cut)

  • Production management (integration with ERP, launching orders and stock management, workshop station, production planning, etc.)

  • Sheet metal quoting and management of quote requests via the web (Almaquote, Webquote)

  • CAM for 3D cutting, tube and profile cutting (Almacam Tube and Almacam Space Cut)

  • Offline programming of welding robots (Almacam Weld)

  • CAD/CAM for assembly import, unfolding of sheet metal parts and offline programming of press brakes (Assembly2CAM, Unfold, Asco CAD2CAM, Asco Bending Assistant, Almacam Bend)


Amada Weld Tech


Amada Weld Tech will be showcasing a variety of precision laser welding equipment, including the Jupiter series of modular systems for precision joining, and the MM-L400A real-time laser welding process monitor.

The Jupiter modular precision joining system platform is available in four sizes, making it highly adaptable to specific production requirements. With an ergonomic system design and high-quality components, the Jupiter platform is designed for 24/7 continuous production. All models are equipped with a human-machine interface (HMI) with touchscreen for easy programming and standard safety features.

The MM-L400A real-time laser welding process monitor captures high resolution waveforms of the weld process in the laser reflection, VIS, and IR wavelength regions, in addition to measuring the laser power. The monitor can also be networked. The MM-L400A features standard formatting and protocols to easily import in SPC, OEE, and equipment health programs.

The data capture capability of the MM-L400A is the foundation for artificial intelligence and machine learning programs, including Amada Weld Tech's WELDXAI.



Booth 11-A94

Arku will present its Arku Wizard for the first time, showing how its machines can be seamlessly integrated into the entire production process for sheet metal parts.

Levelling and deburring are an integral part of a complete production process alongside laser cutting and bending.

How to do that will be shown together by Arku and Trumpf by integrating the Arku deburring machine ‘EdgeBreaker 6000’ live on Arku's booth. Visitors will be able to see the deburring result – the outcome of the successful collaboration in the field of fully networked production.

With the Wizard, users only have to know basic data about the parts (thickness, material type, etc.). The software then calculates the optimum tools and processing settings itself. This means that even novice employees can operate the deburring machines. While skilled workers are still hard to find, this proves to be an immense help for sheet metal processing companies.

This machine is the latest addition in Arku's deburring portfolio, and has been designed specifically to meet the needs of laser job shops. This means the EdgeBreaker 6000 is extremely flexible. Its vacuum conveyor and rotary brushes enable exceptionally uniform edge rounding, if desired, even up to 2mm radius is possible.


BLM Group

Booths 12-D118 and 13-E182

BLM will be presenting a range of its tube and sheet metal cutting systems, while also unveiling a completely new machine, the LS7.

First up is the LT8.20 lasertube system, equipped with a 3D laser cutting head that offers a large working range for cutting both standard and special section tubes from 12 to 240mm in diameter. The system has a large number of configurations, loading and unloading lengths, technical solutions and options available to effectively meet a broad array of production requirements. 

Second is the LS5, a high-end, fully automatic, flexible and productive sheet laser cutting system. It is equipped with an IPG fibre laser source of up to 12kW and a Precitec Zoom 2.0 head. Extremely versatile and capable of adapting to the most diverse production requirements, the LS5 offers the possibility of adding – even post purchase – the Lasertube module for “zero time” switching from laser tube cutting to sheet cutting and vice versa, and any automatic sheet loading and unloading systems and warehouse towers.

Next up is the LT360, designed for cutting on a fixed table and being the ideal solution for deep-drawn, flat or pressed sheets. It has a 3kW fibre laser source and is equipped with a comprehensive technology database in addition to state-of-the-art technological features, such as Active Focus for optimising the cutting process for high quality and productivity on any type of workpiece.

And finally, BLM Group will also be debuting the LS7, a new sheet metal laser cutting system, to demonstrate its increased productivity thanks to 2g axes acceleration and up to 12kW laser power, its impressive dynamics with only a nine-second pallet change, and its increased precisions and connectivity.


Bosch Rexroth

Booth 11-D08

The MTX CNC system being exhibited by Bosch Rexroth will help manufacturers of CNC laser and plasma cutting machines significantly reduce their development times and time to market.

With features such as the compact and modular drive system ‘ctrlX Drive’ from the firm’s ‘ctrlX Automation’ toolkit, the MTX saves space and enables a high degree of scalability.

Interaction with the control platform ‘ctrlX Core’ also aids connectivity and communication in Industry 4.0.

Thanks to technological features such as leapfrog or frog jump, the high-performance CNC control system and suitable drive functions, a reference metal sheet can now be cut 10 to 15 per cent faster than before.

The combination of high-performance multi-core processors and decentralised intelligent drive technology makes MTX one of the most powerful CNC systems on the market. The system is used in typical applications in the area of beam cutting, e.g. 2D laser cutting, plasma cutting or water jet cutting.



Booths 12-A73, 12-A104, 12-B53, 12-B104, 12-A66, 12-B66

Bystronic plans to showcase a new laser system, higher laser power and a new software suite.

First up, the firm will be launching the successor to its popular ByStar Fiber series: the ByCut Star, which Bystronic says will offer impressive laser power and a new, modern design. The system will optimise the entire laser cutting process through a series of additional smart features such as its “Parameter Wizard” and “Automatic BeamShaper”. The new system will be available in a choice of 3 x 1.5m or 4 x 2m formats.

Secondly, Bystronic has increased the power offering of its BySmart Fiber 3015 system to 12kW, which it says offers improved cutting performance at an attractive price. Similar to the new ByCut Star, the BySmart Fiber offers additional features such as the “Parameter Wizard” and “BeamShaper” to support users during their sheet metal cutting tasks.

Thirdly, Bystronic has also upped the power offering of its ByTube Star 130 – a tube processing system – to 4kW. The increased power ensures higher speed for increased productivity and higher quality overall. A fully automatic setup with open profiles and ellipses leads to greater flexibility and quality in production. Additional options such as “Laserscan” (real-time tube-bending compensation for improving cutting precision) and “QuickCut” (higher speed for improved capacity due to an additional linear axis) further enhance efficiency.

And lastly, Bystronic has also announced the launch of BySoft Suite, a set of seven software products covering: Insight, Business, Shop Floor, CAD, CAM, Work Center and Cell Control. Designed to help companies digitalise their sheet metal processing business, from quotation to delivery, BySoft Suite expands the firm’s existing set of BySoft products and provides simplification, transparency, and efficiency. The new suite aims to significantly increase user efficiency and enable Bystronic customers to take a step toward the Smart Factory and beyond. It will help free the user from repetitive tasks and allow them to concentrate on work that adds more value. The technology combines cloud and on-premise software, making it suitable even for small and medium-size companies.



Booth 11-A141

Coherent will be exhibiting its next-generation flat sheet cutting laser head series, with ultrahigh-power ratings up to 30kW.

The BIMO-FSC3 cutting heads come in three product variations, each optimised for one of the following applications: ultrahigh laser power delivery of up to 30kW; efficient ring-mode laser beam management; and reliable operation in harsh environments.

The BIMO-FSC3-Z-HP handles up to 30kW of laser power and features height-sensing capabilities and a large depth of focus, which combined achieve exceptional cutting speeds while maintaining high quality and consistency across very large sheets of metal.

The BIMO-FSC3-L handles up to 20kW of laser power and features a large numerical aperture that is ideal for ring-shaped laser beams and their associated applications.

The BIMO-FSC3-Z handles up to 12kW of laser power and is IP-65 certified to withstand the harshest environments.



Booth 15-E14

Eagle will be presenting the iNspire 30kW laser cutter, which it says features some of the best features on the market: 6G acceleration; an eVa cutting head four-times less prone to contamination; a carbon fibre traverse; linear motors on all axes; and nine-second pallet exchange functionality.

These elements working in sync make the iNspire capable of ultra-high speeds and very efficient cycle times, all while maintaining stability and precision. In addition, automated material loading/unloading and storage boost the system's efficiency even further, enable for 24/7, unsupervised production.


Evopro Systems Engineering

Booth 11-B08

Evopro Systems Engineering will show its evoTrQ track & trace system in combination with its new evoVIU smart cameras.

The new camera technology adds several new functions to the firm’s continuous blank tracking system for press blanking lines.

From now on, functions such as inline measurement of blank dimensions, embossed part ID reading and crack detection during deep-drawing are available to the line operator.

Several European automotive producers already use the evoTrQ track & trace system for continuous tracking of blanks along all process stages in the press shop.

With “smart coils” becoming increasingly popular, more and more strips come with barcodes printed on their surfaces. Installed at the uncoiler, the new evoVIU cameras read these barcodes as the coils are being fed into a laser blanking line.This makes it possible to assign material data such as thickness, roughness and tensile strength, with an accuracy of one metre to the entire coil length.

In addition to this, the new smart cameras developed by evoprofor optical inline control can also be used in downstream production stages for a variety of functions, such as reading embossed part IDs, inspecting the blanks for cracks,checking the blanks’ dimensions and verifying that cut-outs are in the correct position. evoTrQ relates the data captured by an evoVIU camera to the individual blanks, processes the data for visualisation and stores them for analysis purposes.


Hymson Italy

Booth 15-G73

Visitors to Hymson Italy’s booth can experience the Model HF 3015 B 12kW system for flat sheet metal, a versatile, high-power system offering a rapid return on investment. The firm will also be showcasing its compact, economical Series X2 laser for high-speed tube cutting, integrated with a load/unload system.




Booth 11-C08

Lantek will present two innovative projects as well as the latest features from its Global Release 2022 software update.

Short films across six different stations will showcase the individual modules of the comprehensive software suite, with Lantek updating its system every year with the latest themes: flexibility, efficiency and automation.

The newly updated suite offers a wealth of features that boost usability and process automation for enhanced efficiency. The software is designed to speed up work while reducing manual steps and enhancing the user’s experience.

The firm will also be debuting Lantek Bend at the show this year, hailed as a “revolutionary” application for bending machines. Designed for the rapid training of any operator needing to bend workpieces, this software comes to the market as a fully functional module. It represents an important step in Lantek's multi-vendor strategy of continuously incorporating new machine models from different manufacturers.

This year’s show will also see the launch of the commercial version of Lantek iQuoting: a simple, fast and accurate budgeting solution based on the latest cloud technology, data modelling and process automation. The software enables any sales team to calculate sheet metal fabrication quotes without any technical training being required. The cloud application covers a wide array of industry needs and generates a reliable calculation based on real data in just a few minutes.



Booth 13-A164

Lasermach, a Belgian specialist in high-performance handheld laser welding machines, will be exhibiting its successful PhotonWeld A-1600 system. 

This 1,600W device offers continuous laser power, weighs 54kg, and low energy consumption, requiring only a 220V, 16A single phase standard connection to operate.

For attendees looking to try their hand at laser welding, visitors to Lasermach’s booth will be able to test the PhotonWeld a-1600 in what the firm expresses to be a safe environment.

“With handheld laser welding you will save 90% time, 65% costs and 95% postprocessing, all while achieving a stronger, nicer weld!,” says the firm. “Our laser welding machines consume 22-65% less energy than any other laser welding machine due to the highly efficient Ecolener energy conversion technology used in our laser source.”

The firm’s welding units can be fitted to a range of robots/cobots, with only four i/o connections required.



Laser Mech

Booth 26-E44

Laser Mech will be showcasing a variety of systems at its booth, including:

  • The FiberCUT series of robotic cutting heads for 3D processing

  • The FiberCUT 2Dx, for 2D sheet metal processing up to 20kW

  • The FiberWELD DHc, for coaxial additive laser deposition

  • The FiberWELD series, with a single mirror scanning option

  • The entry level FiberMINI series of cutting heads, featuring height sensing and auto-focus functionality



Booth 12-F104

On display at LVD’s booth will be a smart factory cell combining the latest laser cutting, bending, software and automation solutions, demonstrating flexibility to enable a smarter production environment.

The cost-effective ‘Smart Cell’ brings to life a smart factory driven by machinery comprised of the LVD YSD LaserONE laser cutting machine – a basic, no-frills fibre laser – a DynaCell robotic bending cell for small- to medium-sized parts, and CADMAN software. The LaserONE system featured here is ultra-practical and can cut a variety of materials and thicknesses.

LVD also offers the 20kW Phoenix FL-3015 laser system, which can process a range of materials in thicknesses up to 40mm. This machine cuts up to 2.5-times faster than a 10kW fibre laser, piercing and cutting thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems. 

The firm also has a ‘Strippit Punch-Laser’, which combines the punching and forming advantages of its ‘Strippit V Series’ punch press with the speed and versatility of fibre laser cutting, to complete multiple processes on a single machine.



Booth 11-D26

Yamazaki Mazak is set to unveil two new laser processing machines for the cutting of tube, pipe and sheet metal.

The first, the Optiplex 3015 NEO 15kW, offers a combination of Mazatrol SmoothLx CNC Control, an MCT3 cutting-head, and a wealth of customisation options, delivering highly accurate and precise sheet metal processing. The model benefits from a high degree of automated features to deliver faster set-up times (up to 95% compared to standard laser machines), including automatic nozzle changing, as well as automatic focus detection and positioning to improve usability and optimise piercing.

The second machine to be unveiled, the FG-400 NEO, is designed to streamline production and improve performance by running multiple processes in one machine: 3D cutting, drilling, tapping, chamfering and flow-drilling. The system is ideally suited for large-size tubes and pipes, including round, square, and rectangular cross-sections; as well as H, I, and L beams. Thanks to the combination of a brand-new 3D laser head with A-axis, B-axis and fibre laser technology, it can facilitate the stable machining of complex shapes and highly reflective materials, such as copper and brass. The four-chucks system provides additional stability by preventing material distortion during processing.


MSS Group

Booth 11-B183

MSS Group will be presenting the following machines:

Nitrocube: This highly efficient, on-site, high-pressure nitrogen generation system combines high-quality components housed in a unique cube enclosure with sophisticated intelligent monitoring and controls. The system provides 300bar nitrogen and 99.98% & 99.999% gas purity as standard, with a huge range of flow rates and storage capacities being available to suit most applications.

Nitr02: New to the UK & Europe, the Nitr02 gas mixer panel has been especially developed for use with high power fibre laser cutting systems. MSS claims the Nitr02 to be the only system currently available on the market that enables on-line variable gas mixing technology. Extremely compact, the system can be installed with minimum floor space without the need for any large storage tanks. This clever technology allows significant increases in fibre laser cutting speed and quality and provides higher quality cutting results on lower quality plate material. Special EuroBLECH show launch offers will be available. 

Flowbox: Also new, this device measures and monitors high-pressure nitrogen gas flow into any laser cutting system, enabling the operator to measure exactly the amount of gas used on a daily basis and even scrutinise the volume of gas used per product/sheet being cut. The Flowbox can also be used for leak detection. 

Puregas: Another new release from MSS, the PureGas filters high pressure nitrogen, oxygen and compressed gas to particles sizes > 0.01µM. It can be installed on any fibre laser to give full protection against particle damage to the laser cutting system.


Prima Power

Booths 12-B174, 12-B130, 12-B146

For flexible automatic laser cutting, Prima Power will be showcasing the Laser Genius+. 

The high dynamics (trajectory speed of 180m/min, acceleration of 2.8g) and precision of this machine enables short cycle times and high cutting quality.

With three size formats available – 1530, 2040 and 2060 – and a wide range of laser power options, the demands of most applications can be satisfied.

The Laser Genius+ is a "plug & play" machine with quick installation times and a symmetrical and reversible layout that increases ergonomics and ease of integration into any factory. The machine features two, 24-inch, full HD monitors and a 4K video camera as standard, integrated software modules that simplify processes, new sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms for advanced monitoring and process control. 

At EuroBLECH the machine will be configured with the PSR 2D smart and flexible picking and stacking robot, which provides high stacking accuracy and minimal spacing between stacks, allowing optimal usage of the stacking area, automatically. Thanks to the modular structure of the system and Prima Power’s wide product portfolio, the PSR 2D can be connected directly to the Night Train FMS storage solution and to an automatic panel bender, creating an automated production line from raw sheet metal to cut and bent finished products. The system will also be connected to the Combo Tower Laser, a compact and flexible storage system that makes different materials available whenever needed and can additionally serve as intermediate storage for ready cut components and skeletons.



Booth 13-F58

Teka will be providing insight into its entire product range of extraction and filtration units, particularly focussing on its AirCube, ExCube and VarioCube systems.

The AirCube is the firm’s latest innovation in digitalised extraction and filtration. With ‘VarioControl’ at its heart, the system offers added value through networking as it is able to conduct communication via MQTT or with OPC UA interfaces from machine to machine. The system also meets the Ready-To-Go standards of IBN 4.0. It extends service lives and can, for example, decide independently whether the air is fed back into the hall or led outdoors as exhaust air. It saves compressed air and energy through efficient cleaning, reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. With power ratings between 5.5kW, 7.5kW and 11kW, this system can be applied across various areas.

With six different upgrade packages, users can configure the AirCube to meet their specific needs and make it even smarter. 

The Ex-Cube series is a highly efficient filter unit and is especially suited to the safe and effective separation of explosive media in the manufacturing process. The product was developed to extract and filter fumes and dusts generated during laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting processes, and many others too. All explosive dusts of explosion protection class ST 1 can be safely separated. Above all, the compact footprint of the basic model with 800mm x 800mm is a key system advantage for many fields of application.

Teka recommends its VarioCube for bulk welding at shipyards, in steel tank construction and also on steel construction sites. It combines compact dimensions and a robust design with the highest level of flexibility and user-friendliness. The VarioCube was specially designed for large welding shops. The casing (800mm wide, 1,200mm deep x 2,900mm high) is made of 5mm thick sheet steel and does not need more floor space than a euro-pallet. No component projects beyond the floor space. The unit has six stable suction flaps for connecting suction hoses. The extraction hoses fitted there can take in the polluted air via distributors at up to 12 workplaces at the same time. They capture the emissions precisely at the point of origin. With the help of a high-performance turbine, the unit generates a pressure of up to 10,000 Pascal and can capture polluted air with nominal hose diameters between 100mm and 50mm. The filter cartridges separate even fine dusts to a degree exceeding 99.9%. An integrated pre-separator increases the filter life and minimises the risk of fire.


Trotec Laser

Booth 26-L91

Trotec Laser will present laser systems from its SpeedMarker series, which can be used for the marking of individual components as well as for large batch sizes. The class-2 lasers mark workpieces for complete traceability, or with functional markings. In addition, the SpeedMarker Series supports automation processes by productive laser marking of dynamic data. The SpeedMark laser software offers automation compatible interfaces for connecting external data.

Numerous scripting options guarantee a consistent high quality of recurring markings.

Dynamic motors and sophisticated control electronics enable an engraving speed of 4.3m/s at 5g acceleration with a laser power of up to 120W. This means that even small fonts can be engraved in the shortest possible time with clearly legible engraving results. 

A highlight to be shown at EuroBLECH is the Speedy 400 Run on Ruby, with a brand new integrated camera system in the lid – Vision Design & Position. This makes it easy to position designs on the workpiece. The powerful camera provides a detailed and sharp live colour image of the entire work area in the Ruby laser software, and therefore allows the text to be set or graphics to be positioned directly in Ruby. The error-prone measuring of workpieces, templates, residual materials or 3D objects is no longer necessary.



Booths 26-D51, 11-D57, 11-B70, 11-B94, 13-F242

Trumpf is set to unveil a wide range of new innovations. First up, the sustainable Eco Cooler series production solution for laser-cutting machines, which uses pure water as a coolant, meaning it uses up to 80 per cent less energy for refrigeration and dispenses entirely with harmful substances. Water flows to heat-generating components such as laser diodes, optics, drives and control cabinets, and then back to the Eco Cooler, where it is chilled again via a heat exchanger in an innovative process involving evaporation, compression and condensation.

Secondly, BrightLine Scan, a welding technology that will allow users to manipulate a beam over the workpiece using a scanner. Initially being launched on the robotics of the TruLaser Weld 5000 laser welding machine, the new technology enables scan frequencies in the kilohertz range. It doubles the thickness of sheets that can be processed in heat conduction welding from three to six millimetres, and also makes it easier to achieve tighter tolerances and achieve higher quality welds.

And thirdly, Trumpf will also be showcasing an upgraded version of the TruLaser 5000 series, fitted with a 24kW laser – the TruDisk 24001. The newly adapted system can process sheet-metal parts up to three times more quickly, which corresponds to, depending on the material and application, being able to handle up to 80% more metal sheets per hour.