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07 October 2019 to 10 October 2019
Orlando, Florida

LIA rolls out new ICALEO format for 2019

This year The Laser Institute of America (LIA) is proud to once again host the International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO) in Orlando, Florida, which runs from 7 to 10 October. What first started as the 1981 Joint US/Japan International Laser Processing Conference in Anaheim, California, is now the largest conference of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, running for the 38th consecutive year. 

LIA anticipates more than 100 end-users and suppliers and more than 1,000 conference participants at ICALEO 2019

Focusing on advanced uses of industrial lasers, last year’s ICALEO attracted a record-breaking number of attendees from 23 countries. In response to a considerable mandate from its members and past ICALEO participants, LIA has modified its conference format to enhance the attendee experience and improve region of interest for sponsors and exhibitors. ICALEO 2019 will feature four industry-specific conferences that will become the core focus of each day: aerospace, medical devices and life sciences, microelectronics, and automotive. The improved conference structure will build on the traditions of the technical conference, while driving commercial value for sponsors and exhibitors. Additionally, LIA will actively support the development of its sponsor and member networks before, during and after the event. 

Each of the industry foci will have its own business and technical plenary session, business conference, and Evening of Innovation symposium. The ICALEO Technical Conference and its workshops will span across the four-day conference with some emphasis on each of the focused industry verticals, as well as other notable industry applications. This change in programme structure has resulted in significant interest from the end-user community and their tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers. Based on demand to date, LIA anticipates the attendance of more than 100 end users and suppliers and more than 1,000 conference participants this year. 

ICALEO’s technical conference and workshops will be subdivided into five technical tracks: laser additive manufacrturing, battery systems and energy conversion, micro, macro, and nano. In addition to the traditional format of the technical conference, these tracks will accentuate laser technology advancements within the four covered industries. Leaders and experts from the field of material interaction will also be presenting cutting-edge results of their research in these technology spheres for high impact applications. 

The business conference will consist of an industry-focused tradeshow revolving around innovative photonics materials processing solutions specific to that industry.

Sponsors and exhibitors now enjoy a unique opportunity to concentrate their efforts each day on one of these top four industries. Tradeshow participants will have the ability to present their unique solutions to focused representatives of these supply chains. 

The tradeshow will connect all members of the marketplace and include ICALEO’s Live User Solutions forums and Evening of Innovation symposiums. These new mediums will allow manufacturers/integrators and suppliers to selectively engage in the discussion of unique challenges and revolutionary applications for advanced materials processing. Subject matter for this dialogue will be presented by prominent members of the user and manufacturing community. 

Once again, LIA will present the 2019 Arthur L Schawlow Award for Pioneering Basic and Applied Research in Laser Science and Engineering at ICALEO. However, it will also be presenting industry awards to the user community for innovations in photonics material processing. This year’s business and technical conferences will garner extensive media coverage. Interviews will be conducted at LIA’s media booth throughout the event and distributed through social media and press releases during and following the event.

Please see our ICALEO 2019 sponsor and exhibitor prospectus for more details on sponsoring and exhibiting at this event.