Lasers in Action @ LASYS 2018 - Day 2

06 June 2018
Messe Stuttgart, Germany

The Lasers in Action Forum takes place over three days at LASYS, Messe Stuttgart, from 5-7 June. Entry to the forum is free of charge to any LASYS visitor.

Lasers in Action is organised by Laser Systems Europe on behalf of Messe Stuttgart.

Day 2 - Wednesday 6 June

Active laser protection system - a new approach ready for production

Dr. Heiko Brüning, Head of Laser Safety, JUTEC Hitzeschutz und Isoliertechnik GmbH

Highly Flexible Picosecond Hybrid Fiber Laser for Micromachining

Rajesh S. Patel, Director of Applications Engineering, MKS Spectra-Physics

Challenges in optical system design and for manufacturing processes to enable cutting edge for high power laser applications

Dr Volker Melzer, Director Product Management Laser Technology; Matthias Koppitz, Project Manager Precision Optics/LMP; Udo Kirchner, Business Development Manager, Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co. KG

High power laser applications require specially designed optical parts and systems such as F-Theta-Ronar lenses or Faraday Isolators to ensure the required performance and precision during welding, drilling or additive manufacturing processes, as well as laser protection. Objectives or Faraday Isolators that are not optimised for high power laser applications cannot maintain good beam quality at high laser power densities. Thermal lensing, depolarisation and photo-contamination effects must be taken into account in the design and manufacturing of the optical parts and sub-modules used for high power lasers and applications. We report on our concepts to find a balanced trade-off between the performance requirements of optical parts and the maintaining of the required high-end beam quality to ensure best results during application.


The new laser cutting solution

Jonas Huther, Laser Application Center, Coherent I Rofin

Potentials of precision laser processing of fiber reinforced polymer components

Volker Franke, Team leader Micro Material Processing, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

Compact 3D laser processing with liquid tunable lens technology

Dr Hsiang-Yu Lo, Application Engineer, Optotune Switzerland AG


PANEL DISCUSSION: Making the switch to laser technology: market opportunities and new skills

Moderator: Warren Clark, Publisher, Laser Systems Europe

Basil Garabet, CEO, NKT Photonics
David Lawton, Sales Manager, Lasermet
Jean-Paul Nicolet, Laser Business Development and Market Support, GF

Further panellists to be announced

Latest High Power Diode Laser Technology and its applications

Michael Nagel, Technical Sales, Laserline GmbH

How forward-looking control solutions can help laser machine integrators to increase machine performance

Dr. Michael Breit, Head of Product Management, SCANLAB GmbH

Optical design of beam delivery systems for cw and pulsed lasers

Roberto Knoth, Optical Engineer, LightTrans International

Automated beam delivery systems for precise micromachining applications

Tadas Lipinskas, CEO, UAB Optogama

The latest TRUMPF innovations focused on optics and optical components

Dr. Andrey Andreev and Stefanie Feuchtenbeiner, Product Management, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

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Messe Stuttgart / Europa Science

By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


Gemma Church finds that additive manufacturing is being used to transform lives through advanced implants and guides for surgeons


Matthew Dale looks at what can be achieved by combining robots with lasers, including a novel tool for repairing jet engines being developed by Rolls-Royce


High-power blue diode lasers are becoming available that have significant advantages over traditional infrared lasers for machining metals. Greg Blackman investigates