Lasers In Action Webinar #2

Welcome to the second in our series of 'Lasers in Action' webinars.

Since Covid-19 has made it temporarily impossible for us to take part in face-to-face meetings or to visit industry events, Laser Systems Europe and LASYS have joined forces to bring you this series of events.

Once again, this webinar features topics concentrating on the application of lasers within industry. You would usually see these presentations at LASYS, but now you can enjoy them at your leisure; and of course, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions as well.

We hope you find these events useful as we all work our way out of the current situation. These webinars are free to take part in - look out for our emails with topics and details of the presentations for future events.

Please enjoy and we look forward to seeing you all at LASYS in June 2022!

Speakers and Presentations include:

Latest Cladding Applications with Diode Lasers

The presentation goes through recent diode laser applications in particular EHLA (Fraunhofer ILT cladding) processes for very thin coating applications at high speed and also covers novel applications on brake disks for reduction of fine dust.

Andre Eltze, Dr.-Ing, Senior Sales Manager, Laserline


Laser technology for the automotive industry

How CO2 lasers are used by automotive manufacturers and their sub-suppliers to increase productivity 

Thorsten FöckingRegional General Manager, Luxinar GmbH


Nano-Structured Anti-Reflective Surfaces for Laser Optics Applications

Anti-reflective coatings are essential for optical applications where back reflection can cause issues like glare or damage to other parts of the setup. Traditional anti-reflective coatings are sensitive to the wavelength, angle of incidence and can get easily damaged under high power applications. Here, we show how our Nebular Technology overcomes these limitations by using reactive ion etching to create nano-strutured windows. The results show that Edmund Optics Nebular windows present high transmission over a broad wavelength range, are angle of incidence insensitive and have a LIDT close to that of the bulk material.

Dr. Sara Castillo, Laser Optics Sales Specialist – Europe, Edmund Optics


Diffractive and Metasurfaces: from Function to Structure Simulation Seamlessly in VirtualLab Fusion

We present a seamless workflow in the physical-optics software VirtualLab Fusion for the design and analysis of diffractive and metasurfaces. An example will be shown on the design of a metagrating for large-angle beam splitting application. That includes the rigorous analysis of the metasurface unit cells, the spatial arrangement of them, and a full analysis/optimization of the whole structure.

Dr. Site Zhang, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), LightTrans



Matthew Dale, Editor, Laser System Europe 

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