Schweissen und Schneiden

25 September 2017 to 29 September 2017
Düsseldorf, Germany

Schweissen & Schneiden is the world's leading trade fair for joining, cutting and coating. It takes place every four years and is therefore referred in specialist circles as the 'Olympics of Welding Technology'.

It gives a complete overview of all current developments, innovations and trends from the world of joining technology. Of plants, equipments, machinery, materials and technologies for joining, cutting and coating of metallic and non-metallic materials and composites to facilities and equipment for the heat treatment and other manufacturing processes such as gluing, soldering or thermal spraying national and international exhibitors, including the global industry leaders, show their broad product and service range.



Coherent will be exhibiting its Meta systems, designed for producing high-precision parts from a wide range of both metals and non-metals. The machine's small size permits its use in even highly space-constrained facilities, and its easy-to-use software interface facilitates its use with minimal operator training. 

Coherent Meta products integrate a CO2 laser, CNC controller, beam delivery system, assist gas delivery system, drive system and laser cutting head, all into one highly compact machine frame with a standard table size of 1.25 x 1.25m. The machine is capable of cutting metals, such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and titanium, in thicknesses of up to 6mm, as well as wood, plastics, rubber, thin films, composites and other organics in thicknesses of up to 32mm. The system can deliver a precision of up to 25µm, at cutting speeds up to 50m/min.



Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems, will present its new class of plasma system X-Definition. The machine offers high cut quality and performance on all metals thanks to newly incorporated technologies such as vented water injection, plasma dampening, and vent-to-shield. The end result is squarer cut edges, markedly less angularity, and an excellent surface finish on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. 

Additionally, special guest and metal artist Marcel Boonen will perform impressive cutting demonstrations with the new generation of Hypertherm’s Powermax line of light industrial plasma cutter, the Powermax45 XP. 

The company will also feature its HyPrecision Waterjet cutting products, CAM nesting software line, automation products, torch and consumable technologies, and its Centricut and AccuStream brands.



Diode laser manufacturer Laserline will present a fibre-coupled 60kW diode laser with mirror optics. The system is able to weld thick-walled steel structures. Also featured will be the LDM 500-60blue, a blue diode laser with 450nm wavelength and a previously unreachable power of 500W. Blue laser light allows for more effective welding processes in non-ferrous metals, such as copper.

Laserline will also present the highly compact LDM 6000-100 diode laser, which offers up to 6kW laser power using 7RU 19-inch racks and the OTS-5 optic with multi-spot module. The wide application field of the OTS-5 optic with multi-spot module will be demonstrated with samples showing welding and brazing of galvanized aluminium sheets.

Application examples from keyhole and heat conduction welding, as well as additive manufacturing, cladding and automotive body assembly, will also be discussed by Laserline at the show. Furthermore, components that were treated with LDF diode lasers in a high-speed cladding process will be featured, along with application samples of hardening with diode lasers — from extensive drive shafts and turbine blades to the temperature controlled surface hardening of highly complex surface geometries.



Polish system maker RMA will exhibit its MLS1000, a versatile and comprehensive laser welding machine that combines ultra-precise machine vision technology with unparalleled software. It comes with a Scout laser scan head, a huge working field and several functional modules.


SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers will showcase its RedPower multi-kilowatt lasers capable of providing up to 6kW of power with exceptional levels of control for a wide range of industrial cutting, welding and drilling applications. The RedEnergy product range will also be shown, varying in power from 20W to 200W, and being perfectly suited for a wide array of applications such as marking, drilling, engraving and cleaning.

Messe Essen

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