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Webinar: Opening up new possibilities with Oscillation Welding

The recent introduction on high power single mode fiber lasers has opened up the capabilities of oscillation welding to a point where it can be competitive with high power multimode welding. The greater control of weld profile and heat input can yield significant benefits in real world welding applications.

The webinar will cover:

  • Welding basics – differences between conduction / keyhole / oscillation welding
  • Single mode vs multimode lasers
  • Pros and cons of oscillation welding vs conventional fixed head welding
  • Equipment required – scanners & software and other hardware options
  • Basics of oscillation welding including key variables and processing parameters
  • Results with various materials including dissimilar metal combinations
  • Examples of applications that benefit significantly from oscillation welding

Time: PDT: 7.00 | BST: 15:00 | CEST: 16:00

Duration: 40mins

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