BLM Group

At the booth A36/B36, BLM Group will present a selection of tube and sheet fabricating systems synchronised by dedicated software applications.

On display will be the LS5 sheet metal processing system, offering automated loading and unloading, an autofocus head, and automatic nozzle changing. The modular system is configurable with transversal and longitudinal pallet changing to handle different sheet metal formats. For expanded capability, it can also be integrated with an automatic tube manufacturing system.

BLM’s LT-Free five-axes system will also be exhibited, enabling the processing of curved tubes and three-dimensional deep-drawn components. By using two robots to support small pieces and curved tubes during laser cutting, this system is particularly flexible and capable of performing operations that others are unable to do. LT-Free executes entire programs in a single pass, without the need to abort and resume fabricating, as a result of the interpolation between the five-axes head and the piece’s motion carried out by the robot.

The Group will also be displaying the highly advanced LT7 system of its Lasertube family. The LT7’s handling of tubes is fast and efficient, yet careful and delicate enough not to damage the surfaces. The available software applications, starting from Artube CAD/CAM, assist the operator in all the stages of the programming and production processes.

Lastly the E-Turn bending system will also be presented, which uses the items B-Right and B-Tool to ensure a tube is made to specification from the start of production.


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