Element Six

Element Six will showcase its Optical+ Low Absorption diamond, which can be used as a low loss intra-cavity heat spreader for high power disk lasers, as well as a gain medium for Raman lasers. Raman crystals are offered in sizes up to 6x6x2mm, with larger sizes available on request.

Also featured will be the company’s Diamond PureOptics range. Drawing inspiration from the anti-reflective structure of a moth’s eye, this all-diamond solution offers improved reliability and even higher power density levels for high power CO2 laser systems. Diamond PureOptics exhibits a significantly higher laser induced damage threshold (by a factor of 10) than anti-reflective coated windows, with equivalent reflectance (less than 0.5 per cent) and transmission (above 99 per cent). The diamond-structured surface is designed to reduce reflection losses and replace typical anti-reflective thin film coatings found on diamond optical windows.

The TM200 bulk heat spreader also being shown offers high thermal conductivity – more than 2,000W/mK at room temperature – providing greater reliability and reduced system size in optoelectronic high power and high power density devices.


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