Diode laser manufacturer Laserline will present a fibre-coupled 60kW diode laser with mirror optics. The system is able to weld thick-walled steel structures. Also featured will be the LDM 500-60blue, a blue diode laser with 450nm wavelength and a previously unreachable power of 500W. Blue laser light allows for more effective welding processes in non-ferrous metals, such as copper.

Laserline will also present the highly compact LDM 6000-100 diode laser, which offers up to 6kW laser power using 7RU 19-inch racks and the OTS-5 optic with multi-spot module. The wide application field of the OTS-5 optic with multi-spot module will be demonstrated with samples showing welding and brazing of galvanized aluminium sheets.

Application examples from keyhole and heat conduction welding, as well as additive manufacturing, cladding and automotive body assembly, will also be discussed by Laserline at the show. Furthermore, components that were treated with LDF diode lasers in a high-speed cladding process will be featured, along with application samples of hardening with diode lasers — from extensive drive shafts and turbine blades to the temperature controlled surface hardening of highly complex surface geometries.


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