Laser safety expert Laservision is set to showcase its large area protection solutions for space surrounding operational laser systems, and will display a family of inter-compatible, modular wall systems at the event. The company’s active wall segment solutions incorporate Kuka’s Laserspy sensor to monitor the wall electronically and actively, allowing them to enclose even the highest power laser systems. A variety of new filler materials for various levels of passive laser protection have also been used by the firm to further broaden the application range of its E40 modular barrier system.

Laservision will also be displaying its variable R14 Over-The-Glass laser safety goggles with a range of new features. For example, it is now possible to attach a cleanroom compatible head support system to the goggles for maximum wearing comfort, especially when thick glass filters for the broad protection levels are integrated. Additional features and accessories for the R14 frame will be displayed to demonstrate future options to further enhance the user experience with this fit-over safety goggle.


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