At booths B94 and B48, Trumpf will be showcasing a range of digitally connected applications for sheet metal processing that are designed to make manufacturing processes simpler and more efficient. 

The TruLaser Center 7030, for example, is completely automated, from programming to part sorting. A good example is the machine's unloading unit. The pins that lift the sheet out of the scrap skeleton are designed to ensure efficient and reliable part removal using suction cups. If the pins fail to get it right the first time around, the machine initiates a new part removal cycle on its own, without requiring any intervention. It then repeats this cycle as many times as necessary until it works. The machine processes and assimilates each of these retry attempts and learns from them. 

Trumpf will also be presenting a connected intra-logistics solution, something that the firm has already tested successfully at its Industry 4.0 showcase factory. The solution improves the logistics processes that run on a shop floor, for example the routing of parts from one processing station to the next. The indoor localisation system enables firms to manage their production processes more efficiently.

The company’s Smart Nozzle Automation solution will also be highlighted, a function that periodically inspects the lens nozzle of a machine and automatically replaces it if damaged.                                            


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