Beam delivery

Scanlab’s XL Scan synchronously controls a 2D scan head and a positioning stage. It can also process 3D workpieces with integrated Z-axis control.

Micromachining over five axes

Greg Blackman on the latest scanning solutions and software for micromachining

This Lasea system uses two processing heads to direct two halves of a more powerful, single ultrafast pulse to the workpiece in order to increase processing throughput.

Wielding the increasing average power of ultrafast lasers

Matthew Dale explores the advantages of increasing the average power of ultrafast lasers, and discovers how this higher power can be delivered to the workpiece

Special delivery

Matthew Dale explores some of the latest technology for manipulating and measuring the beam, including a multi-spot optical module for laser brazing and a contactless beam analysis device

All in the delivery

With new fibre delivery options now available, along with advances in scanning solutions, ultrafast lasers are becoming a much more practical tool for industrial machining, as Rachel Berkowitz discovers

Finger on the pulse

Can beam focusing and scanning systems keep pace with new laser technologies such as ultrashot pulsed lasers, asks Beth Harlen

Scanning new horizons

Now that more ultrafast lasers are entering the market with pulse durations as short as pico- or femtoseconds, can the scanning technology to deliver the beam to the workpiece keep up? Tom Eddershaw finds out







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