3D printed graphene battery presented at Inside 3D Printing

On 23 October 2014, Graphene 3D Lab presented its recently developed 3D printable graphene battery at the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The graphene-enhanced materials developed allow 3D printing to be used to fabricate a functioning battery which may be incorporated into a 3D printed object during the build process.

The company say the 3D printed graphene battery can potentially outperform a conventional battery because of its shape, size and specifications that can be freely adjusted to fit the particular design of the device.

On 2 September the company announced it had filed for a patent for the technology, at the time Daniel Stolyarov said: 'The application filed by Graphene 3D has the potential to play an important role in achieving the ability to print electronic devices due to the necessity of providing a power source. Expanding our IP portfolio in this area is an important step in keeping with Graphene 3D's primary goal of creating an ecosystem for 3D printing functional devices with advanced materials.'

Graphene 3D develop, manufacture, and market graphene-based nanocomposite materials for 3D printing began trading on OTCQB - a marketplace for entrepreneurial and development stage companies - at the start of October 2014.

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