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Amada offers welding support for ventilator production

Amada Weld Tech is offering laser welding technology and support to companies wishing to manufacture ventilators for hospital intensive care wards.

The company stated that it 'is ready to provide manufacturers with additional welding technology to meet these unprecedented needs, as well as to provide support to existing customers who are looking for ways to adapt their existing technology to new applications.'

A ventilator is made up of several components: oxygen sensors, pressure pumps, motors and a battery pack. Each of these consists of subcomponents, and they are typically manufactured separately and then assembled before being shipped.

Amada said that manufacturers already using advanced welding techniques are typically well placed to switch their production to ventilators, because the components require an extensive amount of welding.

Amada lists the following components as ones that would typically be laser welded: air compressors and pumps; bellows; pressure regulators; solenoid valves; electric motors and motor controllers; pressure sensors and indicators; oxygen sensors and indicators; flow sensors and indicators; heat and moisture exchanging filters; and air and HEPA filters.

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