Bystronic acquires TTM Laser

Bystronic, a Swiss developer of laser systems for cutting sheet metal, has acquired TTM Laser, an Italian producer of laser-based tube and profile processing solutions, in order to expand its portfolio and increase the added value of its metal processing chain.

The acquisition comes after the two companies initially formed a strategic partnership back in November 2017. Since then positive feedback from customers has shown that there is a strong demand in many markets for an even closer collaboration between the two firms, hence both partners now agreeing to a full merging of their operations through the acquisition.

TTM Laser specialises in the development of 2D and 3D laser systems for the cutting of tubes and profiles and for the welding of large-format metal sheets. With these technologies, Bystronic is expanding its existing portfolio for laser cutting with applications for tubes between 12-815mm in diameter, and for profiles. In addition, Bystronic is expanding its portfolio with solutions for the laser welding of large-format metal sheets with TTM Laser’s offerings.

‘With the fusion of Bystronic and TTM Laser, our customers are gaining access to a unique range of technologies and innovations for their sheet metal processing requirements,’ emphasised Bystronic CEO Alex Waser. ‘TTM Laser’s know-how and technology portfolio ideally complement Bystronic’s existing manufacturing solutions with world-class systems for tube and profile processing. The goal of this takeover is to jointly push forward innovative manufacturing solutions.’

In 2017, TTM Laser had around 40 employees and achieved a turnover of approximately 14 million euros. For the time being, in spite of the full takeover by Bystronic, the company will continue to exist as a brand, with intentions to become a ‘Member of Bystronic’ in the future.

Fiorenzo Castellini, the current CEO of TTM Laser, will retire from executive management and hand over responsibility to the remaining management team of TTM Laser. The company's headquarters in Cazzago San Martino and the staff there will remain under the umbrella of Bystronic.

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