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Chinese laser manufacturer unveils 40kW cutting machine

Chinese laser manufacturer Bodor Laser has unveiled what it says is the world’s first 40kW fibre laser cutting machine.

The machine, which debuted at the Bodor Laser Innovation and Research Center in Jinan, has a maximum cutting thickness of 200mm, is able to cut 20mm carbon steel at a rate of 6m/min and 30mm carbon steel at 2.4m/min. 

The new machine also has functions such as ‘automatic compensation for overheating of thick plate’, ‘intelligent overspeed piercing’, and ‘enhanced mesa, protection and efficient dust removal’.

According to the firm, 40kW laser cutting will break through the bottleneck of cutting thickness, create new standards and redefine laser cutting to achieve a new high point in the laser cutting industry. 

‘With the all-round upgrading of cutting thickness, cutting accuracy and cutting speed, Bodor Laser 40kW makes more laser applications a reality and becomes a new benchmark in the laser cutting industry,’ Bodor Laser said in its press release unveiling the new system. ‘What users can experience is not only that they can cut thicker, but also that they can cut faster, more finely, better and more cheaply, and help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce more costs, and expand a wider market.’ 

So far Bodor Laser has sold 200 of its 10kW systems, over 20 of its 20kW systems, and the first batch of 30kW customers have officially signed contracts.

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