Dilas merges with M2k-Laser

Rofin has announced the merger of two of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Dilas (Mainz, Germany) and M2k-Laser (Freiburg, Germany). The combined unit will be headquartered in Mainz and operated under the Dilas brand.

Dilas manufactures high-power diode laser components and systems in a range of output powers and wavelengths, including fibre-coupled, direct beam and integrated solutions. The company celebrated its 10 year anniversary in October 2015.

M2k-Laser designs, develops and manufactures high-power and high-brightness diode lasers, which are being used globally in the fields of medical treatment, materials processing, spectroscopy and metrology. 

Although the new combined company will be headquartered in Mainz, Germany, the site in Freiburg will be transformed into a business unit of Dilas Diodenlaser, called Dilas Semiconductor.

With design and epitaxial service on diode laser chip level from Freiburg, and diode laser packaging, beam shaping, and systems technology from Mainz, the two sites provide complementary technologies. According to Rofin, the merger is a strategic and logical consequence of the long-term cooperation between both sites. 

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