ESI acquires Chinese laser company Topwin

Electro Scientific Industries (ESI) has completed the acquisition of Topwin Optoelectronics, a rapidly growing laser design and manufacturing systems company based in China. The company said the acquisition significantly increases ESI's ability to cater for the Chinese market.

Topwin's design and manufacturing expertise, with its deep understanding of the local market, coupled with ESI's technology and infrastructure creates an opportunity to address the large and growing Chinese market for laser microfabrication tools.

Earlier this month ESI introduced the CornerStone ICP Series 1 UV laser drilling system designed for use initially in Integrated Circuit Packaging (ICP) applications. Compared with typical laser drill tools, this new platform from ESI offers lower overall cost of ownership and improved accuracy with a reduced footprint, enabling production of vias (Vertical Interconnect Access) for current and next-generation products.

Laser systems are widely employed for drilling vias in organic substrate material used for ICPs, typically less than 100μm in diameter. The Series 1 system is designed to meet production demands and enables packaging manufacturers to meet design requirements for even smaller vias and higher accuracy required in the future.

‘With this introduction, we are addressing existing design requirements while providing significantly lower cost of ownership in an industry-leading small footprint,’ said Dr Michael Darwin, vice president and general manager, ESI. ‘We are excited about the CoO advantage we can offer our customers and look forward to providing a complete and cost-effective solution to the drilling market.’

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