Fauston Tools expands offerings through AM

The installation of a new additive manufacturing solution at Faustson Tool has allowed the company to extend its capabilities, offering improved services for its customers from aerospace, aeronautics, defence, energy, medical and semiconductor industries.

Heidi Hostetter, vice president at Faustson Tool which is based in Colorado, US, explained that metal additive manufacturing is of great interest to the company’s aerospace customers. She added that there is a large emphasis on UAVs and defence in the Colorado area.

The group decided to install Concept Laser’s M2 cusing multilaser system which uses two 400W lasers to improve throughput by a factor of 1.8 compared to its single-laser counterpart. Multilaser additive manufacturing is one of the most promising and simple methods to improve processing times.

‘Staying at the forefront of technology is critical, not only to stay competitive, but to provide our customers with the best manufacturing solutions available on the market. Concept Laser’s M2 cusing multilaser system with 2 x 400W lasers provides another depth to our manufacturing services,’ said Heidi Hostetter, vice president at Faustson Tool. 

‘From our inception, Faustson Tool has committed to being a pioneer in the industry by utilising new leap-frog technology and pushing the bounds of a traditional machine shop,’ said Alicia Svaldi, president, Faustson Tool. 

‘Concept Laser is very excited about our partnership with Faustson Tool,’ said Zach Murphree, PhD, regional manager, technical sales engineer, Concept Laser.  ‘Companies like Faustson Tool represent the next step in the maturation of the additive metals industry, where the technology is gaining acceptance within production facilities, not just OEMs. The M2 cusing multilaser system is the result of fifteen years of continued metal additive development at Concept Laser and is accelerating the acceptance within the industry, and Faustson is on the leading edge of this wave.’

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