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Firm receives $36M to accelarate production of recycled AM materials

Californian material firm Continuum has received $36 million funding to accelerate its production of recycled commercial metal powder in order to meet growing customer demand for sustainable materials in additive manufacturing (AM). 

The firm is the newly minted commercial arm of MolyWorks Materials Corporation, established to accelerate the adoption of circular manufacturing – where manufacturers find sustainable ways to use materials and goods for much longer. 

Creating a circular metals economy is critical to meeting the world's sustainability goals. Titanium, stainless steel, and Inconel alone account for tens of millions of tons of scrap metal each year that will need to be repurposed in a sustainable economy.

Continuum aims to address a missing link in the circular metal supply chain through its ability to produce high-quality materials for engineered parts, through 100% recycled and responsibly sourced materials. 

Its Optipowder, for example, is made entirely from recycled materials, has complete traceability and maximum purity, is ISO/AS certified and engineered for multiple applications including AM, metal injection moulding, cold spray, and more. To date, more than 30 different alloys and thousands of variations have been produced as Optipowder. 

"The AM powder market is expected to more than triple over the next five years as the 3D printing industry hits a commercial inflection point,” said Phil Ward, Continuum's CEO. “This investment allows us to supply the industry's growth with a sustainable solution.”

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