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Foba introduces machine leasing to address increased demand for laser marking due to Covid-19

Laser marking and engraving firm Foba has introduced the option to lease its machines in order to facilitate quick and easy deployment of additional laser marking systems required during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The firm is looking in particular to assist medical device manufacturers that are ramping up production or changing their portfolio due to current demands, which often results in an increased need for direct part marking.

For the first time the firm is therefore offering short-term machine rentals for such manufacturers. The offer applies to both Foba's closed marking workstations or to marking systems that are integrated into production lines.

Depending on the actual requirements, appointed rental or leasing models can also be extended to purchase, which Foba says offers maximum flexibility in terms of machine availability.

In addition to machine leasing, Foba intends to offer extensive remote service, online training and webinars, and on-site installation help throughout the coronavirus crisis. A series of webinars are being hosted throughout April, May and June for those looking to receive detailed information on laser marking, with a focus on the UDI labeling of medical devices in accordance with the requirements of the Medical Device Regulation.

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Foba's camera-based marking solutions are optionally offered as part of its M-Series closed marking workstations, or as part of its safety class 4 marking systems for line integration. In this area, the firm has recently launched what it says is the world's smallest laser marking head, Titus. The size of the head makes installation in production lines easy due to its flexibility, simple assembly using clamp brackets, and extremely small space requirement.

Foba's marking systems keep pace with the legal requirements for traceability and create codes with high contrast and long durability, even on products that must not corrode and are subject to heavy use, for example through repeated sterilisation.

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