German sales intake breaches €1 billion

The sales intake for systems using CO2 and solid-state lasers from companies represented within Germany has breached the billion Euro mark for the first time. Sales rose by ten per cent in 2014 to €1.04 billion, according to the VDMA, mainly driven by foreign demand.

The percentage growth is more than the 2014 global market, which, according to Swiss group Optech Consulting, has grown by a still strong eight per cent to €8.7 billion

According to a VDMA press release, the realised laser system exports in 2014 grew by 16 per cent to €664 million. The VDMA said renewed growth was seen in Western European destinations, particularly powerful contributions were from the USA, China and Japan, plus a slight growth was seen for other Asian countries such as India, Korea, Taiwan or Southeast Asia.

In 2014, association members produced about €852 million of laser-based machines, corresponding to an 11 per cent growth compared with the reference year 2013 (then +8 per cent). The global consolidation, i. e. the output following allowances for the added value created by internationally acting groups, records €1.01 billion; a 10 per cent growth over the previous year’s figures (+9 per cent in 2013).

The growth has benefitted Jenoptik’s Lasers and Optical Systems segment, which helped stabilise the company’s finances in what proved to be a difficult financial year in 2014. An increase of three per cent in the segment’s revenue has helped to counteract drops in both the metrology and defence and civil systems areas, caused by customer reluctance to invest, export restrictions, and project postponements. Overall, the Jenoptik Group’s revenue was down 1.7 per cent from last years’ €600.3 million to 2014’s €590.2 million but showed good progress on its internationalisation strategy through revenue and employment figures.

The progress and success of the laser systems division is reflected at the Laser World of Photonics trade fair, due to take place in Munich 22-25 June 2015, which will focus on lasers and laser systems for production engineering as one of its three key areas. More than one and a half of the five exhibition halls will be devoted primarily to lasers and laser systems, and more than a third of the total visitors and exhibitors expected to visit the show will be involved in lasers and laser systems. There will also be a focus on the automotive industry to show how the different segments of the photonics industry tie together.

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