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Honda recalls brand-new CR-V model due to faulty seat weld


Honda has announced a recall of less than 100 of its brand new 2023 CR-V model due to a potentially faulty laser weld of a hook spring to the outboard side of the front passenger seat frame.

As initially reported by Carscoops and Autoevolution, the issue was caused by the protective lens of a laser welding system becoming contaminated with weld spatter during production. 

In documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda explains that this negatively affected the welder’s monitoring system’s ability to detect and adjust the laser input as required to finish the weld according to specification.

Thankfully, the recall affects just 98 CR-Vs built between 13 to 19 December, with Honda estimating that 28% of those being recalled potentially featuring defective welds. The automaker is not aware of any deaths, injuries, or incidents related to the issue. 

Honda was first informed about the potential fault in December 2022 following a report submitted by its supplier, TS Tech Americas of Reynoldsburg. By February it was determined that the fault constituted a failure to abide by federal safety regulations.

Honda will contact 2023 CR-V owners on 27 March, who will be asked to return their vehicle to a nearby dealer to have the front passenger seatback frame assembly replaced with a non-defective part. This will be done regardless of whether the weld appears to be fine or not. 

In the meantime, TS Tech Americas has already increased its control measures to ensure that future CR-V front passenger seats are welded correctly.

According to Autoevolution, the CR-V is Honda’s best-selling passenger vehicle in the US based on 2022 deliveries.

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