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Jenoptik sells 200th laser system for airbag production to Asia

Jenoptik has sold a Jenoptik-Votan A laser perforating system to the Chinese company Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Systems (YFV), making it the 200th unit sold worldwide. YFV specialises in the manufacturing of dashboards for cars and uses Jenoptik laser systems to create predetermined breaking points for airbags.

The predetermined breaking points for passenger and knee airbags are created by laser perforation in airbag flaps. On the back of the material the laser generates a tear line along the desired shape of the airbag flap. A specially developed sensor system prevents the laser from completely severing the material. However, the perforation line weakens the material in a way that allows the airbag to break through this line and open up during a collision.

The Jenoptik-Votan A laser perforating system is capable of processing single or multi-layer materials and decorative layers made from plastic, textiles or leather. Customer-specific solutions allow for flexible processing of airbag covers: the type of perforation holes, their spacing, and the shape of the perforated line are variable and can be adjusted according to the type of material being used.

YFV had already purchased several laser systems from Jenoptik’s Lasers and Material Processing division since the cooperation began in 2002. The representatives of YFV and of the Jenoptik Lasers and Material Processing division also laid the foundations for further joint projects at the K plastics fair in October, which took place in Duesseldorf, Germany.

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