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Kegelmann Technik teams with Concept Laser in 3D metal printing

The Kegelmann Technik group has recently concluded a comprehensive framework agreement with Concept Laser. The agreement between the two German companies enables the installation of several laser-melting machines and a strategic partnership in mutual knowledge exchange, particularly on the reproduction and optimisation of series-production quality in 3D printing.

‘Our customers expect us to deliver process quality, flexibility and speed. Excellent quality control and verifiable results in real time during the actual laser melting convinced us to partner with Concept Laser,’ explains Stephan Kegelmann, CEO of Kegelmann Technik.

Kegelmann Technik offers a range of innovative manufacturing processes and knowledge in establishing and maintaining reproducible quality in additive manufacturing. The group has become fully integrated into numerous customers' value chains and plays a key role in developing and designing new products.

‘We are very pleased to be able to bring aboard such an innovative and experienced customer in Kegelmann Technik. We will most certainly learn from their wealth of experience in the future', said Oliver Edelmann, vice president of global sales and marketing at Concept Laser.

The first machine to be installed as a result of the agreement is the M2 cusing Multilaser, with QM coating. Kai Kegelmann, CTO of Kegelmann Manufacturing (the latest addition to Kegelmann Technik, founded on 1 May 2016), expressed his excitement over the technology found in the M2 that features two 400W fibre lasers by adding, ‘I am fascinated by lightweight and bionics’ ability to improve component performance. By investing in high-power lasers and additional QM accessories we underscore our values of speed, flexibility and process quality.’

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