Lantek develops collision avoidance algorithm for laser cutting

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Software firm Lantek has developed an algorithm to minimise collisions between the head of a fibre laser machine and the ejected parts during sheet metal cutting.

The Intelligent Collision Avoidance algorithm combines several measures to avoid collisions between the cutting head and the cut pieces. It uses strategies and techniques such as cutting control of the pieces based on their close contours (configurable using a margin).

The Lantek algorithm is designed to identify which sheet metal contours pose a potential risk of the cut part jumping onto the unfinished metal sheet, or of being rotated, both of which can cause collisions with the cutting head.

Fibre laser machines use high-pressure gases to expel the cut fragments, sometimes causing the part to jump on top of a contour during processing.

The ICA software is an effective solution to the problem faced by companies that use laser cutting machines, which are sometimes forced to interrupt production because of damage to the cutting head.

If a potential collision is detected, the system automatically assigns one or more micro-cuts to reduce the risk. The system can then suggest a time when the cuts can be safely finished, allowing the user to choose to cut them as soon as possible or at the end of sheet metal machining.

Also, if the micro-cut termination process conflicts with potentially unstable contours, the system moves the attack to a conflict-free zone.

Founded in 1986 the Basque Country, Spain, Lantek develops CAD, CAM, MES, and ERP software solutions for sheet metal processing.







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