Laser '3D printing' startup raises $28m from crowdfunding

A startup 3D laser printing company, Glowforge, has raised $28 million in pre-order sales in 30 days from a crowdfunding campaign. It’s the largest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history, according to the company.

Glowforge’s CO2 laser system is priced at $2,395 for its basic model. The company markets the desktop laser machine as a 3D printer, although strictly it operates via a subtractive process performing cutting and engraving. The systems contain a 40W or 45W CO2 laser depending on the model, design software, and an autofocus capability for laser processing curved surfaces.

The CO2 wavelength allows the machine to cut and engrave various materials – the promotional video shows it cutting cardboard, wood or even chocolate, and engraving an Apple Macbook.

The company now just has to deliver on all its orders. It plans to ship its first models in December 2015.

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