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LASYS 'Lasers In Action' forum to take place virtually

Together with the organisers of LASYS, Laser Systems Europe will be hosting a series of webcasts in June, each of which will discuss emerging applications and technologies across various aspects and industries of laser materials processing.

The webcast series ‘Lasers In Action’ will occur in place of the usual forum that would have taken place on the exhibition floor at this year's LASYS, which had to be postponed until 2022 due to Covid-19. 

The first webcast in the series, which will take place on Wednesday 10 June, will feature four speakers and will be free to view for all LSE readers. 

The advantages and capabilities of emerging blue diode lasers will be discussed from two different perspectives, from Richard Gleeson of Nuburu and Markus Rütering of Laserline – both pioneering firms in this developing technology field. The 450nm wavelength of such lasers exhibits exceptional absorption in copper, making them ideal for overcoming the material's high reflectivity, which poses a significant challenge for the infrared wavelength of standard fibre lasers. Blue lasers are therefore a very promising tool for the manufacture of electric vehicles, as numerous copper components must be welded in the production of their motors and batteries.

Christoph Franz of 4D will also touch upon the topic of e-mobility, explaining to attendees how the firm’s fully automated process monitoring technology can be integrated into an e-mobility manufacturing line, for the purpose of assessing and ensuring the quality of the thousands of welds that have to be made each day.

Process monitoring will also be the focus of Alexander Goerk’s presentation from Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland, who will explain how having integrated real-time temperature measuring within a laser system unlocks simpler, more precise and more cost-effective thermal laser processing, for example for plastic welding, laser sintering or the curing of adhesives.

The Lasers In Action Forum is a regular event at the biennial LASYS trade fair on laser materials processing. (Image: Messe Stuttgart)

Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the live webcast, and can download it to view on demand at a later date.

Registration for the first webcast (now available on demand) is available here.

Registration for the second webcast is now available here.

Take part in Lasers In Action

If your firm would be interested in participating in the Lasers In Action webcast series, contact: to be sent more information on how to get involved.

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