Manz wins double-digit million euro order for battery cell production system

The German equipment manufacturer Manz has received an order in the double-digit million euro range for systems to produce battery cells for electric vehicles.

An electronics company placed the order, with Manz supplying a central contacting system for battery cell production. The system will be based on the LightAssembly platform, a modular solution that includes laser welding, laser cleaning, and laser marking tools, along with other automated assembly equipment.

Contacting systems are integrated into the electrical energy storage system in order to allow series or parallel connection of lithium-ion battery cells, or to carry out voltage measurements in each cell and temperature measurements in the module.

The overall order was divided into two equal parts: Manz has already received the first tranche; the second one is expected in the third quarter of 2018.

The order allows Manz to enter another key field within the electrical vehicle powertrain. Originally designed for the consumer electronics industry, Manz has successfully developed its LightAssembly platform for use in the automotive industry as well. Its modular units were combined to create a customer-specific solution that uses a wide range of technologies: from assembly to ultrasound welding, bonding, soldering, laser welding, cleaning, and automated function tests.

The assembly line can also be adapted to different sizes and designs via software in order to produce different types of contacting systems for battery cells on the line.

Eckhard Hörner-Marass, CEO of Manz, commented: ‘The order is a great success for Manz and is impressive evidence of how we can develop new areas with our broad technological expertise. In the past, in terms of e-mobility we concentrated on battery cell production systems in our energy storage segment. Now, with our expertise in the electronics segment we can also offer automated assembly systems for the mass production of intelligent main assemblies used in electric powertrains.

‘And with our flexible battery laser system BLS 500 for welding both components, we can offer our customers the ideal platform for any necessary laser applications,’ he continued. ‘Because of this, we are highly confident we will continue to secure further orders in this field in the future as well.’