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Nuburu to develop blue-laser 3D printers in new partnership

Nuburu, a manufacturer of high-power and high-brightness industrial blue lasers, has partnered with additive manufacturing (AM) firm Essentium to develop and manufacture a blue-laser-based metal AM platform. 

The new printer will enable manufacturers to create production-grade parts using reflective metals, with high resolution and fast throughput.

Under the multi-year, multi-million-dollar agreement, Essentium will integrate Nuburu’s blue laser technology with its High Speed Extrusion 3D printing technology for product development in a first phase, and manufacturing in a second phase.

The new AM platform will deliver exceptional throughput and extremely high part quality for broad-scale use in major industrial markets, including automotive, aerospace, and defence.

Nuburu’s blue laser technology is well-suited to AM applications involving highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminium, which reflect much of the energy delivered by infrared lasers – leading to lower print speed and quality. The blue lasers will enable rapid printing of such materials, with very high metal density and without any post processing required.

'We are excited to work closely with the Essentium team and combine the powers of our existing technologies to develop and manufacture a new transformative platform for AM,' said Dr Mark Zediker, co-founder, CEO and president at Nuburu. 'Our high-power, high-brightness blue laser technology, along with our 3D printing IP, will help Essentium build a powerful metal 3D printer with a wide range of applications.'

'Nuburu is the leader in blue laser technology, and their expertise will help enable gains in speed and power within our new platform,' added Dr Elisa Teipel, chief development officer and co-founder of Essentium. 'We are looking forward to working with their team and leveraging their technology, enabling Essentium to commercialise a new metal 3D printing platform.'

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