Partial dentures created using DMLS displayed at dental show

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 dental prosthesis with support structures after AM; with support structures removed; and after completion.

EOS has announced it will be presenting partial dentures created using Direct Laser Metal Sintering (DMLS) techniques at this year International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, between 10 and 14 March 2015. AM is offering the dental industry a time-saving, accurate and potentially better performing alternative to conventional methods of producing dental products.

According to EOS, the dental industry has now accepted additive manufacturing (AM) as a useable process for products with nearly 100 of the company’s systems installed worldwide. EOS said five million units are produced each year which includes partial dentures, dental crowns and dental models.

Conventionally, a dental prosthesis is produced using a wax model based on a cast model to create the part which can be time consuming. But EOS said that with AM the part can be produced quickly ‘with just a few clicks using the flexibility of design offered by the modelling software. This leads to high strength, rigid and at the same time filigree geometries, while casting errors are eliminated.’

Martin Bullemer, business development manager medical at EOS explained: ‘Compared to the conventional approaches that have been used up to now to produce removable partial dentures, clear competitive advantages can be achieved using AM.

‘Digitally manufactured partial dentures have been tested with pilot customers. The feedback has been very positive, encouraging us to continue to develop and optimise the application.’

Michaela Flussfisch, managing director of dental laboratory Flussfisch in Hamburg, said: ‘During the pilot phase, we produced partial dentures based on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology from EOS. Digitally manufactured dental prostheses have consistent tolerances and quality as well as reproducible properties and at the same time are very accurate, allowing a good fit.’

The EOS metal system EOSINT M 270 Dental is used to make removable partial dentures with the CE-certified material EOS CobaltChrome RPD. During the additive manufacturing process, the fine powder particles ensure a fine-grain structure so that a digitally produced dental prosthesis has much higher strength and fatigue resistance than a casting.

EOS is also presenting the smaller EOS M 100 system for the first time at IDS. The system provides the dental industry with an entry-level AM system based on metal technology. With its small build volume and 100mm diameter circular platform, dental laboratories can now economically manufacture high quality crowns and bridges from the certified material EOS CobaltChrome SP2. 

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