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Rocket manufacturer orders two 12-laser AM systems

A leading California-based rocket company has ordered two twelve-laser additive manufacturing systems to make its space missions more affordable and efficient by creating lighter, faster, and more robust space components. 

The two systems, both NXG Xll 600s from SLM Solutions, will help the rocket company optimise the production of its components at a time of unprecedented demand for getting space-based technology into orbit.

SLM solutions claims the NXG Xll 600 is up to five times faster than the industry benchmark while featuring over 40 per cent more build volume.

In addition to its large build envelope and high-speed production rates, the system’s ability to work with space-friendly alloys such as nickel and copper will be vital for meeting the space sector's tremendous demands.  

On top of this, SLM Solution says the premium part quality the system offers is ensured by ‘best-in-class’ scanning strategies, including patented overlap technology that exceeds requirements in terms of surface quality and mechanical properties.  

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Dr Simon Merkt-Schippers, executive vice-president of product management of SLM Solutions, remarked: ‘The NXG XII 600 is a true game-changer for the rapidly growing (New) Space industry. Here, traditional space companies and established players must cope with strong growth and an urgent need for complex parts to win the modern space race. SLM Solutions technology enables more affordable missions due to smarter designs that make rocket engines more efficient, bringing their performance to the next level. There is probably no faster and more efficient way to explore orbit and come out triumphant than utilizing the capabilities of the NXG XII 600.’

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