Steering community founded to intensify standardisation of metal additive manufacturing

The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) has founded an Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee in order to intensify the standardisation of metal additive manufacturing and increase its commercial viability as a tool for series production. The committee was founded within the DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials.

The topic of additive manufacturing for series production was discussed in depth at the international laser congress AKL'18 in Aachen, Germany earlier this year.

In its work, the new steering committee will cooperate with other standards committees, taking into account economic feasibility, the state of the art, scientific insights, legal developments, financial conditions and the harmonisation of technical rules across Europe and the world.

Uniform standards are an important factor for success in industry. In addition to improving the commercial viability of technology, they help save costs in all areas and increase product and occupational safety.

The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) is an independent platform for norms and standards in Germany and around the world. As a partner to business, research and society, DIN helps make new innovations ready for market and explores themes such as Industry 4.0 and smart cities that are set to impact the future significantly.

Lending expertise

German metal 3D printer manufacturer SLM Solutions recently announced its intention to support the new Additive Manufacturing Steering Committee, which was founded on 13 July, in order to channel its innovations and help drive the development of additive manufacturing.

Dr Dieter Schwarze, director of scientific and technology research at SLM Solutions, has also been appointed as deputy director of the steering committee.

‘SLM Solutions places great value on uniform norms and standards,' he said. 'As one of the leading providers of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, we are happy to contribute to the positive development of the entire sector. Our SLM machines are extremely robust and stable. Together with our technological experience, this makes us the right partner to help shape the future of additive manufacturing in series production, from greater occupational safety and cost savings to improved component quality and safety.’

Another important European working group in the area of norms and standards is the ASD-STAN/D 04/WG 14 AM (additive manufacturing), to which SLM Solutions also provides its support. The firm hosted a meeting of the working group towards the end of the summer at its headquarters in Lübeck-Genin, Germany. The meeting aimed to develop a new European standard for ‘Aerospace series – Metallic Materials – Mechanical Properties of Products by Additive Manufacturing’.

More information on DIN's additive manufacturing committees can be found here.

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